Where to buy CRO (Crypto.com) – Easy Beginner Guide

The crypto.com platform has gained a lot of attention lately due to a plethora of new partnerships they were able to make. One of the most recent ones being TIME magazine allowing subscription payments in crypto as well as a huge partnership with VISA, which will use crypto.com and their technology as their main crypto payment processor. But you probably know all that already, you want to know where to buy CRO, and I am going to show you how to do just that, as always, quick, cheap, and easy!

Many people think you can only buy CRO at crypto.com, but that is wrong. Unfortunately, the crypto.com support team is overwhelmed with new sign-ups. I am currently waiting for more than 30 days already to get verified on the platform, but I found another way on where to buy crypto.com (CRO) coins – on one of our favorite exchanges, Gate.io!

Updated in November 2021

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What is Crypto.com

As always, a quick overview of what crypto.com is before I show you how to buy crypto.com coins (CRO).

The CRO coin is the cryptocurrency token of the crypto.com platform. Crypto.com is a decentralized blockchain technology that is also open source. It is developed by Crypto.com itself.

The crypto.com chain (CRO) has the goal of accelerating the global adoption of crypto. They already offer a Cryptocurrency Debit card among many other things.

Their platform offers staking as well as cashback if you pay with crypto at a selection of their merchants. TIME magazine offers everyone who chooses to pay their subscription in crypto a 10% cashback in crypto, which is very appealing.

You can also earn passive income if you choose to stake your CRO over at the crypto.com platform or at their very own crypto visa card.

In my personal opinion, a very interesting project that I keep a close eye on!

How to buy CRO and where to buy CRO

I have spent some time researching this and I found the currently easiest way on where to buy crypto.com token.

As I have mentioned above, since the Crypto.com team is currently overwhelmed with processing all the new sign-ups, I had to find a workaround to buy CRO before my account get’s activated.

We are going to use Binance, our favorite exchange, to buy USDT (or LiteCoin for US residents) and transfer them over to Gate.io where we can buy CRO with USDT!

We can’t directly deposit money to Gate.io, that’s why we need to utilize Binance to first deposit some funds and then send them over to Gate. Don’t worry, the fees will, as always, be very low (>1$).

Step 1 – Sign up for Binance

First, we need to sign up for Binance. If you want, use my link to sign up to get a discount on your trading fees – for life!

Go through their onboarding, it’s straightforward. Fill in all the information they require from you. I do highly recommend enabling 2-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator to add another layer of security to your account. Click on your profile icon -> Security to set that up.

Step 2 – Sign up for Gate.io

To get that out of the way, let’s also directly sign up for Gate.io. As I have mentioned, to be able to buy CRO, we have to use Gate.io. Gate is one of my trusted exchanges for altcoin purchases, as they usually list smaller altcoins before Binance does.

Same as with Binance, if you use my link to sign up, you also enjoy discounted trading fees. Their onboarding is also straightforward, just follow through and also enable 2-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator.

Step 3 – Deposit USD to Binance

Now that we are all signed up, let’s deposit some USD to Binance.

Log in to your Binance account -> Click on Buy Crypto -> Credit/Debit Card.

Where to buy CRO

Once you are there, change the Coin to USDT, change the deposit currency if you want, enter an amount of USD you want to deposit, check the amount of USDT you’ll receive, and click on Buy USDT.

Where to buy crypto.com

Step 4 – Sending USDT to Gate

Now, to be able to buy Crypto.com coins, we need to send that USDT over to Gate.

Log in to Gate.io and navigate to Account Settings -> Deposit / Withdrawal from the top navigation bar.

Transer USDT from Binance to Gate

Once you are there, search for USDT and click on Deposit.

Send USDT from Binance to Gate

Now make absolutely sure to select Tron/TRC20 as the transport chain and copy your Wallet Address.

NOTE: ONLY if you are from the United States, TRC20 is NOT available on Binance.us at the time of writing this article (double-check to be sure). I recommend converting the USDT on Binance to LiteCoin (LTC) and send them over using the same method. To convert USDT to LTC, click on Trade -> Convert over at Binance. Then convert USDT to LTC. Now instead of searching for USDT on Gate, search for LTC and follow the same procedure, just with LTC instead of USDT.

Once you have sent your LTC to Gate, go to Trade -> Spot Trading and search for the LTC_USDT trading pair. Sell all your LTC for USDT, then you can continue with Step 5!

Send USDT from Binance to Gate

Back over at Binance click on Wallet -> Fiat and Spot. Search for USDT and click on Withdraw.

Send USDT from Binance to Gate

Now follow the sub-steps below:

1 – Select Tron (TRX) as transport chain

2 – Enter your Gate.io USDT Wallet Address

3 – Enter an amount you want to transfer (-1$ transport fee)

4 – Click on Submit and enter your OTP and Email Code

Send USDT from Binance to Gate.io

Well done – you have successfully sent USDT from Binance to Gate.io, now we are ready to buy CRO!

It might take a couple of minutes for the USDT to arrive at Gate.io. Why don’t you subscribe to my YouTube Channel or check out some cool Crypto Guides in the meanwhile?

Step 5 – Buy CRO on Gate.io

Back on Gate.io click on Trade -> Spot Trading.

Follow the sub-steps below:

1 – Search for CRO

2 – Select the CRO_USDT trading pair

3 – Enter an amount of USDT you want to buy CRO for

4 – Click on Buy ( USDT -> CRO )

How to buy Crypto.com

That places an order at the current market price, that order will get filled eventually and you have bought yourself some CRO!

Now, since we know how to buy Crypto.com CRO, we have to talk about how to store CRO.

How to store CRO

The easiest way to store CRO is to use the Crypto.com Official Wallet. This also allows you to stake CRO and to swap CRO for other currencies using their DEFI SWAP.

The setup is pretty self-explanatory.

Create your Crypto.com wallet by following their instructions, over at Gate.io click on Account Setting -> Deposit/Withdrawal and find your Crypto.com coins. You can then Withdraw them by sending them to your Crypto.com Wallet Address.


This is how easy it is to buy Crypto.com (CRO) coins. I hope this tutorial has helped you to complete your purchase with ease. I would appreciate if you follow my social channels below!

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  1. when trying to withdraw the CRO from Gate io. i was shocked by the high fees needed ! how can one limit the fees on this site ?


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