How to buy ENJIN – Complete Beginner Guide

ENJIN has become a force to be reckoned with in the blockchain gaming space. I went ahead and created a guide on how to buy ENJIN in the easiest and most cost-efficient way – as always. So if you want to learn how to buy ENJ, read on!

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What is ENJIN?

As always, I first give you a short overview over what ENJIN actually is.

ENJIN is a blockchain technology in the gaming sector made by the company Enjin. They strive to create an ecosystem of interconnected gaming products that live on the blockchain. Enjin is building a product ecosystem in the gaming sector that will help people to create advanced virtual economies, utilizing the power of the blockchain.

They already have a working platform to monetize, design, and grow blockchain-based games and apps, they have a wallet, a marketplace where you can buy and sell rare and unique gaming assets and they have Beam, a blockchain-based way to grow and engage your audience.

They have also announced just today that they have partnered with Microsoft to provide Cross-Platform Custom NFT’s to Minecraft, which is huge news!

For me personally, as a gamer, I keep a close eye on Enjin. The idea of being able to monetize your gaming assets and use them over multiple different games and platforms is very appealing.


Our game-plan is very simple. Since ENJIN is listed on Binance, our favorite exchange, we will have an easy time to buy ENJ on Binance! As always we will choose the most cost-efficient way. We will first buy some USDT, a stable-coin that is not subject to market volatility, and then we will trade our USDT for ENJIN – simple as that.

Step 1 – Signing up for Binance

Binance is my trusted exchange since 2016. I mainly use Binance for all my trades. If you sign up to Binance using my link, you enjoy Discounts on all your Trading Fees on every trade I do.

The sign-up process is straight-forward. Just click yourself through and make sure to enable 2-Factor Authentication for security!

Step 2 – Buying USDT on Binance

Gladly, buying USDT on Binance is really easy.

Once you went through the initial sign-up process, we can go ahead and deposit some USD to our Binance account!

Select Buy Crypto from the top navigation bar.

Then click on Credit/Debit card. In case you want to change the currency you are buying with, click on USD like mentioned with number 3.

How to buy ENJIN

Once there, follow through the steps below:

1 – Select USDT as the Coin

2 – Enter the amount of USD you want to deposit

3 – Confirm the value of USDT you will receive

4 – Click on Buy USDT

After clicking on Buy USDT, you need to maybe verify yourself by entering your address and name. As you can see, the USDT value you’ll receive is a little bit less than the actual dollar value. Still a minor fee compared to taking the market volatility of something like Bitcoin into consideration.

Just imagine, if you buy 500$ worth of Bitcoin now, it could only be worth 450$ within half an hour (or more, of course).

I always like to use USDT for my trades.

How to buy ENJ

Step 3 – Buy ENJIN on Binance

Now that we have bought some USDT, we are ready to buy ENJ on Binance! So far, so good!

Navigate to TradeClassic from the top navigation bar.

Don’t be alarmed if you have never seen this before, I’ll take you by the hand.

Click on the Search bar and type ENJ in it. Click on ENJ/USDT for our trading pair.

How to buy ENJ

Next, down in the Buying Window, click on Market to make sure to buy ENJ at the current market price. If you are more advanced feel free to place an order at your desired rate!

Enter an amount of USDT you want to spend for your ENJ and click on Buy ENJ.

How to buy ENJIN on Binance

And this is how to buy ENJIN on Binance. Congratulations, you made it through!

How to store ENJIN

I give you two options on how to store ENJIN that are popular.

Storing ENJIN on the ENJIN Wallet App

Enjin has its own Wallet App that you can download to your phone. You can then simply transfer your ENJIN from Binance to the ENJIN wallet on your phone!

Storing ENJIN on a Ledger Nano S

My personal favorite way. To securely store your crypto assets, I highly recommend investing in a Ledger Nano S.


That was how easy it is to buy ENJIN using Binance! I hope you found this tutorial clear enough. Let me know what you think about ENJIN in the comments below. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for daily videos!

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