How to buy CHAIN Games Crypto Step-by-Step

If you have paid any attention to the gaming space and blockchain in the past few months at all, you probably have heard about Chain Games. In my opinion, Chain Games is the most promising blockchain gaming project out there right now. In this step-by-step tutorial, I am going to show you where to buy CHAIN Games Crypto and also how to buy CHAIN Games Crypto.

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What is Chain Games?

Chain Games is is a blockchain technology that combines smart contract-based contests with modern, state-of-the-art gameplay. They try to transition the blockchain gaming industry into the modern gaming era. Chain Games offers a competitive multiplayer platform to allow participants in eSports tournaments to earn cash and crypto prizes.

They already have projects going with triple-A games like Madden 21, Call of Duty: Warzone and they are currently working on a project with Fortnite.

The company also has a bunch of events in the pipeline.

How to buy CHAIN Games Token


As always, I first tell you our Game-Plan.

We are going to deposit some USD on Binance, one of the most secure and most popular exchanges. Then we are going to buy some USDT, which is a stable coin that isn’t subject to market volatility. The USDT holds the value of the USD.

Next, we are going to create an account over at, yet another exchange. We are lucky because CHAIN has just been listed on a couple of days ago, which means you don’t need to deal with any high Ethereum fees on Uniswap.

Once we are signed up, we are going to transfer our USDT from Binance to and we can buy CHAIN Games Crypto Token at

You might ask, why not buy USDT directly at Because I use Binance for several years and I trust Binance with my Credit Card details. Simple as that. So, let me show you how to buy CHAIN Games Crypto in the steps below.

Step 1 – Creating a Binance Account

First up, we need to create a Binance account. As I mentioned above, I’ve been using Binance for the past several years and never had any issues with them. Binance is the place where I like to do most of my trades.

Binance also is a great place to trade because of the cheap trading fees and the stable BNB token they provide. If you sign up with Binance using my link, you get Discounts on all your Trades on Binance, and you help out my blog, it’s a Win-Win.

Just follow through their registration process and make sure to enable 2-Factor Authentication for security.

Step 2 – Creating a Account

Next, go ahead and sign up with, yet another exchange that lists CHAIN Games Token. We have been using to buy HYVE and several other Cryptocurrencies before and had always had a good experience with it.

If you use my referral link to sign up with, you also get Discounted Trades. requires you to do a little verification, which requires you to enable 2-Factor Authentication and enter your legal name, birth date, and address. Easy.

Once you have done all of that, we are ready to rock n’ roll! Don’t forget to note down your Fund Password while signing up, you’ll need it later.

Step 2.5 OPTIONAL: Only for

I have heard several reports that if you are on, the TRC20 transport protocol we use in a later step is not available for users. That means you would be subject to way higher fees while transferring the USDT from Binance to Gate.

Therefore, only for users, I recommend buying USDT directly on! Everyone else can continue with the steps below. Once you have bought USDT on, you can continue with Step 6.

Step 3 – Buy USDT on Binance

Next up, we need to deposit USD on Binance and change them for USDT. It’s super easy, don’t worry.

Over at Binance, click on Buy Crypto and select Credit/Debit Card (or Bank Deposit, whatever you like better!)

How to Buy CHAIN Games Crypto

Once you are there, follow through the steps below:

1 – Change Coin from BTC to USDT

2 – Enter the amount of USD you want to deposit

3 – Click on Buy USDT to buy USDT. You see the amount of USDT you’ll receive below your deposit value

4 – Optional: Change deposit currency

How to Buy CHAIN Games Crypto

The amount of USD to USDT is subject to a minor fee, still way less than if you would use something like BTC or ETH to trade. Good, onwards!

Step 4 – Copy Wallet Address

Now head over to and navigate to Account Setting -> Deposit/Withdrawal from the top navigation bar.

How to Buy CHAIN Games Crypto

Once there, type USDT into the search field and click on Deposit right next to USDT Tether.

How to Buy CHAIN Crypto on

Now the step below is crucial, make absolutely sure you select Tron/TRC20 as your transport protocol! This ensures the lowest fees and compatibility with Binance! Click on Copy to copy your wallet address.

Buy CHAIN on Binance

Good job, let’s head back to Binance.

Step 5 – Transfer USDT from Binance to

Now we need to transfer USDT from Binance to using our wallet address.

Over at Binance click on Wallet -> Fiat and Spot from the top navigation bar.

Transfer USDT from Binance to

Type USDT into the search bar and click on Withdraw next to it.

Transfer USDT from Binance to

Once again, follow the detailed steps below:

1 – Enter your wallet address that you have copied earlier

2 – Select Tron (TRX) as your transport network < – CRUCIAL!

3 – Select the amount of USDT you want to transfer to

4 – Click on Submit

5 – Enter your 2-Factor Authentication and your E-Mail code

You’ll see a preview of what you’ll receive over at underlined in the screenshot below. The TRC20 fee is 1$, compared to 20+$ for Ethereum, quite a bargain.

Transfer USDT from Binance to

Just hold up a little bit longer, we are almost there!

Step 6 – Buy CHAIN Games Crypto on

Finally, buying time! Now I’m going to show you where to buy CHAIN Games Crypto on

Over at, navigate to Trade -> Spot Trading -> Standard from the top navigation bar. Don’t be scared of what you see, I got you.

Buying CHAIN on

Once you are there, follow the steps below:

1 – Type CHAIN into the search bar on the upper left

2 – Select the CHAIN_USDT trading pair

3 – Enter the amount of USDT you want to exchange for your CHAIN token

4 – Click on the green Buy (USDT -> CHAIN) button to place the order

5 – Enter your Fund password (Or your 2FA OTP, whatever prompts you for)

Where to buy CHAIN Coin

That’s it! You are now a proud owner of CHAIN token.

Where to store CHAIN Games Token

Well, a couple of options there. My preferred way to store tokens is using a Ledger Nano S. You can check if you can store your token on the Ledger by checking this link for compatibility. As of writing this article, CHAIN is not supported yet.

Gladly, there is an easy way on how to store CHAIN Games Crypto right now, the official Chain Games Wallet. Just head over to their website, open a wallet account, and transfer your funds to the wallet.

Surely a great way to store CHAIN.


I hope following this guide on how to buy CHAIN Games Crypto was easy enough for you. Your feedback in the comments comes highly appreciated, and also let me know what you think about Chain Games.

I am very much looking forward to see where this project is going in the future!

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